About us

Rockerrazzi Filmz is a full service video production company based in Los Angeles, CA. We push our creative energies outside the box to ensure you receive a quality, professional video product that will complement your band and business ventures.

Rockerrazzi Filmz takes your brand to a new level with our state of the art digital branding packages. Our passion for film and music reflects in our portfolio and client list. We have served such amazing companies like Atlantic Records, Columbia Records, EPIC, Universal Music and Warner Brothers Records. Our videos have also been featured in Rolling Stone, SPIN, CNN, USA Today and CMT! 

We also do Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Music Video Vacations! Learn more on the MORE part of the site!

We understand the music scene, and thrive on it. We have an appetite for client success and creative vision. At Rockerrazzi , we know what it takes to create engaging music videos that spark the mind and the senses. Let the masses feel and experience YOUR scene and catapult your band to the next level. We like to call this band to brand marketing. Why stop there? Take us on your next tour for a custom, energized live concert shoot. Or, perhaps, you may want a cutting edge rockumentary to share your story! We'll do the creative work, you be our vision. 

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Digital Production for Our Modern World

Rockerrazzi Filmz has got you covered with web content. Need a webisode? Maybe some videos for your YouTube channel? No problem. 






Everyone wants to know how to make a viral video. We have discovered that it's simply about creating something that connects on a much deeper level than your typical video. Through our Young Ronaldo series we have reached over 20 million people worldwide.